Monday, December 20, 2010

Updates, Updates, & Daily Dose (1)

So, while I was busy baby-talking to my new niece Ariana, I was also busy not reading. So, I'm sufficiently out of novels to review (at least novels I remember enough of to review). 
I'll have to hand out an IOU and hope to God I don't forget to write one to keep up with my 365 reviews. Maybe I could get away with writing a movie review for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Which was, by the way, amazing. At least, it was for me, Chronicles of Narnia buff that I am.
Also, I wanted to apologize for all of the random theme changes I've been doing to my blog since around November. I've gone back to the (second) original design I first had, since its simple and clean and cute.
Lastly, I just wanted to let y'all know I've extended my Ringing in the New Year Giveaway, so it will end on January 30, instead of the second. Mostly due to my own procrastination, but still.
Daily Dose is hosted by Good Golly Miss Holly and since I didn't read all that much this week, I'll be trying out this meme for this Monday. I love the idea and I've found some gorgeous pictures surfing through other people's Daily Dose posts.
Fortune Cookie
Chicken Noodle Soupp
I know there was a bunch of kissing pictures, but I've been in a romantic mood. So, what inspired you this week? 


Kat said...

I see a common theme, lol. The last picture reminds me of the cover of *Halo*, but the first is my favorite. :) By the way, your Cryer's Cross widget scared me to death with the creepy 'Helllp mee.'!

Katie (Call Me Crazy) said...

I love the first one with the rain and the chicks around the soup can is just so adorable! :D

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