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Thank you for reading my review policy. If you are interested in having me review a novel/story for you, please contact me at And if you would like to have me review your novel, I would certainly appreciate if you read the genres of novels I review/read.

What I read/review: As a primarily YA fiction blog, I accept all YA novels. I also read (and occasionally review) adult contemporary romance, horror, paranormal, historical fiction, science fiction, and contemporary adult novels.

What I don't read/review: I won't accept anything nonfiction, such as biographies or memoirs. Other genres I don't read/review are: erotica, religious novels, picture books, or middle grade novels.

I do accept ebooks and hard copies of novels. I also accept self-published novels, and indie books. I can't guarantee, as I'm a full-time student, that I will review your novel immediately. If you do send an ARC for me to review, I will try to have my review up as close to the publication date as possible. If you have a preferred date for my review, please let me know in your email, and I will try to come as close as possible to that date as I can.

Also, I write completely honest reviews. I can't guarantee a 5 star rating or a completely positive review. I don't get paid for any of my reviews, or get any revenue for my blog, either. I always give credit to the authors/publishing houses.

Thank you for reading, and I hope I have been helpful,

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