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So, I know you're probably wondering, who is this insane chick who thinks I care about the books she reads? Well, I'll tell you. 
My name is Caroline and I'm currently in high school. I'm a brunette who acts like a blond and I have a serious problem with falling in love with fictitious characters. 
When I'm not reading, I hang out with my friends who say I read too much, since my nose is rarely unprotected by a novel, and my eyes are rarely uncovered by my trusty lenses.
I'm old-fashioned, apparently, because I prefer vinyl to mp3 player and the smell of used bookstores and libraries. 
My passion is obsessing over young adult novels, and I love ranting about the latest and greatest in the YA world. I'm still fairly new to the blog'o'sphere. 
I'm a tenacious member of team Peeta, and one of the few girls who is not in love with either Edward or Jacob. 
If you've got a book you'd like me to review, check out my review policy page because I'm always welcome to getting new books. 
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