Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Am Number Four (Movie Review)

Okay, guys, this is my first movie review, so bear with me. I was going to do a normal review, I figured I'd do this instead since I just saw the movie. Today I went to see I Am Number Four, and it was amazing! I had high expectations, considering I really enjoyed the book, and I was happily surprised when it actually surpassed them. Alex Pettyfer was great as Number Four, and I think all of the actors portrayed their characters well. The story was great, and even though I read the book before, I think it was easy to follow if you hadn't read it. And wow, the special effects were great! I was totally drawn into the movie from the beginning.
I'm going to be honest: Pettyfer definitely added something to the movie that had nothing to do with actual acting. So maybe I'm a tad more impressed because of that fact, but I still thought it was a great movie. It was filled with action and good dialogue, and I actually cared about the characters. One thing i thought was great was how nicely everything was paced. Nothing really suffered in the transformation from book to movie, except maybe a little bit of explaining. But nothing was totally overlooked, and I was overall, really happy with what scenes were kept in and what scenes were looked over and shortened.
The movie isn't particularly deep, but I don't think anyone went into that theater expecting something deep really. It also had a few rough scenes; I thought the romance between Agron and Pettyfer seemed a little quick and strained, but they didn't affect the movie in a strong way. It was intense and suspenseful, and completely lived up to expectations. My favorite part was probably how great the battle/fight scenes looked. I'd recommend this one to anyone looking for a good action-adventure with some, (cough, Alex Pettyfer, cough) great actors in it. I'm looking forward to the sequel (both book and movie).
Rating: 4 stars


kapri said...

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this movie. I wasn't expecting it to be very good, but I really enjoyed it. Great review! I don't know much about movie reviews, but it sounded good to me.

Julia :) said...

Haha by "nothing to do with actual acting" do you mean Alex Pettyfer's extreme attractiveness??? XD I would agree with that statement. No girl minds sitting in a movie theatre with his face on the screen for over an hour!!! Haha. But no really it was a great movie. The action sequences were great and I was pleasantly surprised by Dianna Agron. I normally think she's a little flat on Glee but I thought she did better here. :)

Anonymous said...

I went to see this yesterday and I loved it too!

Megan @Reading Away The Days said...

I enjoyed the movie but dif perfer the book. Check out my review:

Lulu said...

I've never heard of this movie, but I will be taking a look now :) Thanks! I always love action and good dialogue...

Anonymous said...

I loved the movie, only saw the last 30mins becz I was waiting for my movie to start. Wish I had purchase a ticket for this one instead, will definitely be going back to the full movie.

The Lovely Getaway said...

Watching this tonight with the boyfriend :) i've heard both good and bad things about it.... Hopefully I'm on the positive side! Wish me luck!


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