Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sorry, Y'all!

Okay, so I know I'm a big fat procrastinator and a liar. I haven't gotten a review up in at least a week, and I'm almost a month behind on my reviews. I could blame my tumblr for keeping me busy and my teachers for having such an insane amount of homework due lately, but I wanted to apologize for my laziness and for neglecting my blog.
Also, I wanted to say that I'll be putting up a few reviews today, since I have been reading a lot lately. And also, eeek! I'm at 314 followers! Last time i checked I was only at 292. So yay! Thanks all of you awesome followers.
And lastly, I swear I'm going to be back to a review a day (at least). I might do more since I need to catch up on some of them (since I haven't been doing Mini Review Monday posts again). Y'all can hold me to that (I hope).
Oh, and thanks all of you guys for keeping me strong and making sure I haven't broken my book-buying ban! So far I haven't bought anything, and even though it hurts to drive by B&N and Borders, I'm proud of myself. That's all. Happy reading, y'all!


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Happy reading and DFTBA. (:

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