Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Book Buying (Kind of) Ban

As of yesterday, I realized that I have over one hundred books in my TBR pile. And, quite simply, I'm not sure I'll ever have time to finish that TBR pile as it is currently. So therefore (after today) I'm going to go on a book buying ban. Kind of. Kind of meaning I'm probably still going to buy a couple of books a month, but not nearly as many, or as often. I know this is probably a horrible goal since I won't last a week without wanting desperately to splurge, but oh well. I'm going to try not buying more than 4 books a month until I'm at least halfway through my ginormous reading stack. Here's to trying, at least.
If any of y'all are also on book buying bans or if you have been on one, let me know in the comments how horrible (or not so horrible) it was/is. Or if you just feel like telling me I'm never gonna be able to pull it off, go ahead. That's welcome too.


Sarah Lydia said...

Wow, I hardly even own 100 books! But, I sorta know how you feel. On goodreads my TBR list is close to 500 and I don't know how I'll ever be able to read all of them!

Liz Tea said...

I'm on a ban too. D: I'm saving to go to the Harry Potter park at Universal in March (yay!), so I have absolutely no money to spend on anything. ;_; I keep going into bookstores and torturing myself, though. XD

Carissa said...

I just went on a huge book binge and bough A LOT of books. So, like you, I should probably put myself on a book buying ban, but if I'm honest with myself--it probably wont work. lol.

I wish you luck!

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Cheree said...

I try this. I've probably got over 30 books on my shelf that I've got to read, not to mention the ones on my kindle. But, I fail every time I walk into a book store... just too tempting.

I hope you're stronger than me.

LunaMoth said...

100+ books on my kindle! read about 12 last month so its going down. i feel your pain, im always trolling ebay for books i want.

Stephanie H. said...

I just started my ban... but I have Barnes and Noble gift cards!

I have a "to-read" pile and then there's my "to-read soon" pile where all my books purchased in 2011 reside... but the "to-read soon" pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger... Soon is starting to be a loose term.

*Melissa* said...

i totally understand, my goodreads TBR list is up to 178 and growing i dont know how i will ever be able to read or buy and of these books.

Cialina at Muggle-Born.net said...

Thats insane! Best of luck getting through that pile.

Zombie Girrrl said...

Hi, my name is ZG, and I've been on a BBB since Oct. My TBR is down to about 40, but I'm about to break the ban in a big way. You see, there's this library sale on Saturday, and you can get all the books that you can cram into a paper grocery bag for 5 bucks. It's too good to miss! Last year I got five Terry pratchett books, 13 Reasons Why, Don Quixote, and a bunch of other good titles.
Seriously, though. Books are my biggest expenditure, so it was more of a budgetary choice than a "my TBR is going to swallow me" thing. The thing that helped me stick to it for so long was sorting out all of the books I hadn't read yet and putting them on their own shelves. Books I've read on the bottom shelves, books I've yet to read on the top shelves. It let me see just much I didn't need to buy that book I was dying for. I still entered a ton of contests, though, so my pile hasn't really gone down any despite progress I've made in reading them. Not that I'm complaining. :}
Good luck with cutting back! Just remember how excited you were to read those books when you first got them! Maybe that'll give you the mojo to finish them before you compound the situation any more by giving in to the impulse buy more books.

Zombie Girrrl said...

I just realized my comment is longer than your post. *_*

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