Friday, November 5, 2010

Zombies Vs. Unicorns by Holly Black & Justine Larbalestier

Which is better, the zombie or the unicorn?
Justine Larbalestier says that zombies are our own walking deaths. Funny, grim, and terrifying, they cannot be escaped. Unicorns are sparkly and pastel and fart rainbows.
Holly Black says that unicorns are healers, arbiters of justice, and occasionally, majestic man-killers. Zombies drool and shed and probably carry diseases.
Some of today's finest writers have chose their side, creating dazzling stories about both creatures. So read on, and decide for yourself.
Are you Team Zombie or Team Unicorn?
At first I thought this book was going to be stupid and just ignored my friends who said it was hilarious. It seemed silly and ridiculous in all the wrong ways. But then I saw the author list, and the next day I was at Barnes & Noble, picking this anthology right up. So, this book consists of short stories written by popular YA authors about zombies and unicorns, each story introduced by Larbalestier & Black, stating their argument as to why zombies/unicorns are better. First off, I'm by far Team Zombies; the stories were deeper in my opinion, and too many of the unicorn stories were silly. My favorite story was Bougainvillea by Carrie Ryan, because it had such an eerie feel and I loved the descriptions. While I'd love to give a full review for each short story, I'll just highlight my thoughts for each story. My favorite Team Unicorn story was The Care and Feeding of Your Baby Killer Unicorn by Diana Peterfreund, because I just loved the idea of a killer unicorn. Love Will Tear Us Apart by Alaya Dawn Johnson was hilarious and haunting at the same time, while A Thousand Flowers by Margo Lanagan was emotional and heartbreaking, which is amazing considering its a story about unicorns. Cold Hands by Cassandra Clare was written wonderfully, and I loved the ending. The Highest Justice by Garth Nix and Prom Night by Libba Bray were my least favorites, mostly because they didn't seem fully developed, like there were parts missing. Purity Test by Naomi Novik and Children of the Revolution by Maureen Johnson were both laugh-out-loud funny, and probably my second favorites. The Third Virgin by Kathleen Duey was too depressing in my opinion, but was the deepest of the unicorn stories. Inoculata by Scott Westerfield was great, even though i wanted to punch Kalyn throughout the second half of it. Finally, Princess Prettypants by Meg Cabot, by far the most ridiculous of the stories, still made me laugh, and I loved the short love story in it. I devoured this anthology in two quick nights, and I can honestly say Team Zombie and Team Unicorn were both awesome.
4 stars, and a recommendation to all those geeks out there who argue about zombies vs. unicorns with all your friends. (I know you're out there)


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