Saturday, November 6, 2010

If There Be Thorns by V.C. Andrews

Flowers may diem but secrets live forever...
Chris and Cathy have moved on from their days in the attic, but the sins and secrets of their past continue to catch up to them. Now their children are doomed to repeat their mistakes.
If There Be Thorns and Seeds of Yesterday continue the ominous saga of the Dollanganger family. Savor the thrilling conclusion.
What to say about the third book in the addictive Dollanganger series. Well, first of all, as much as I tried to ignore it, there were a TON of typos in this novel; I get that some of the typos in Bart's narrative might have been intentional, and it wasn't so much that it was illegible by any means, but eventually I got tired of seeing typos in Jory's narrative too. Moving along, another complaint was Bart's overactive imagination; I know he was schizophrenic or something, and I know he really believed he was hunting tigers, not killing his childhood pet, but it got annoying that it was never clarified whether he did the terrible things Cathy and Chris believed him to have done. And also, after the first 30 pages, Andrews seemed to prove her point about the children over and over and over and over. Maybe she was trying to show us how ridiculously long Chris and Cathy ignored Bart's serious mental problems, but geez, we're not idiots, and I didn't appreciate having to hear the same old thing over and over. To complete my rant, I'll just say, the fact that their neighbor is who she is was not a surprise at all, and it was kind of annoying how the author tried to play it off as some big shocker and all. Okay, rant done. To highlight some great parts: I loved Chris's behavior toward Cathy, how he stopped acting like she was some saint. She had a bitch-slap coming for some time, and it was great to hear him give it to her. I loved when her past caught up with her; Cathy's insane past love life was ridiculous, and i was glad to see how finally someone noticed their huge, obvious web of lies. And finally, I love, love, loved the ending. How great it felt to see an end to their horrible pasts. It wasn't a great book, and it seemed like a few hundred pages were wasted on proving a point we could've gotten in a quarter of the pages used, but it definitely kept me hooked, and the ending once again left me craving more.
2.5 stars and a recommendation to fans of the series.


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