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Echoes by Melinda Metz

Can't believe she did that... at four-thirty I have to... I HATE THIS PLACE...
Rae Voight is losing her mind. When she walks down the halls of Sanderson Prep, she hears voices... even when no one is talking. Other people's thoughts crowd her head, a confusing tangle of insecurities and dark secrets. Just when Rae reaches her breaking point, one voice comes screaming through the din, loud and clear:
Rae must die...
If Rae doesn't figure out who the thought belongs to soon, she could lose more than just her sanity.
Okay, so there's three books from the FIngerprints series in Echoes, but since they're all under 200 pages, I'm just going to do a general review for all of them. They all follow the same story line, kind of like one big book anyways.
Lately I haven't been so into the supernatural abilities genre. But Echoes was fantastic, and I loved it so much I'm willing to re-try this overused plot. The story revolves around Rae, a girl who thinks she's going insane because she hears other people's thoughts, and Anthony, a dyslexic with anger problems. First of all, I loved Rae's reaction to her mind-reading abilities; I've been saying for a long time (and my friends will vouch for me) how ridiculous some character's reactions are to their superpowers. Especially psychic abilities; I doubt that if I randomly heard voices in my head saying things I wasn't thinking, my first reaction would be to have a lightbulb moment and realize I was psychic. Like Rae, I would have probably freaked out and ended up in some asylum, thinking I was going insane. Second of all, the turbulent relationship between Rae and Anthony was a great factor. I totally agree that way too much YA lit is about falling in love in a day, so the fact that Metz has dragged out what is inevitably going to become more than just a friendship makes these books great. As far as the murder-attempt mystery, it was well-played and I liked the fact that there were other main plots. Too many books revolve solely around one problem, making them boring and slowing them down; by having so many extraneous story lines, the book was fast-paced without racing through anything. My main problems were mostly Rae's choices; she went back and forth a lot on whether she wanted to get back together with her ex. I mean come on, he's either a jerk or he's a sweetheart every other page. It was annoying. Also, Yana got on my nerves; I just have something against those hot, obnoxious, loud, way-too-smart female sidekicks. That list keeps growing, along with another one. FInally, sigh, I've fallen in love with yet another fictional character. Anthony had that bad-boy attitude down to a science and I gobbled up every bit of it. He was just bad-ass enough to make him swoon-worthy while he had a fragile side that made him human and kept me alternately wanting him to just kiss Rae already and make him hold back. Someone should really ban me from reading books with male characters who are so attractive... I really can't wait to buy the next books.
4.5 stars and a recommendation to supernatural mystery/romance fans.


Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

Great review. I will have to add this to my list :)

Traci said...

I am so glad that they republished these books. I still have all 7 of the original ones. They came out when I was in 7th grade and it was the first series that I had to experience the long wait in between the publishing of the next book. They only get better! I love Anthony as well.. with his BSB tshirt and melted Hershey's kiss eyes :D This has got to be one of my favorite series of all time and I can't wait for more people to discover them!

Caroline, the Bookworm said...

@ Nic, you definitely should, it was a great read

@ Traci, I've seen them before but never really got that interested. I'm definitely glad they re-released them! Anthony was just too good to be true wasn't he? :)

Cherry said...

I came from Saturday Situation hosted by Lori at Pure Imagination and Candace at Candace's Book Blog.

Yeah, I also hate stupid characters. That is why I don't read so many YAs anymore than I used to. But I guess that really depends on how the author weaves it... thank you for sharing your views!

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